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2-Year Master of Arts Programme in Design Innovation

Course Summary School: Domus Academy

Location: Italy,

Education: Diploma

Design is undergoing a pivotal, paradigmatic shift as it moves into contemporary contexts. As pressing social and environmental issues converge with the continuous development of advanced technologies, possibilities are expanding around what and how we design and the type of experiences we create. The programme embraces design as a cultural act, advancing strategies of innovation while promoting interdisciplinary methodologies in addressing and solving the challenges of tomorrow.

This Master of Arts Program offers an innovative vision and approach to creativity and the industry. Candidates will explore technology throughout, including virtual, augmented, and extended reality, artificial intelligence, Web 3.0, and the ecologies of materials. Students will also apply new design approaches and models to transversal and hybrid futures and to issues of sustainability, and circularity.

    The program focuses on:
  • Strategy, vision, and design
  • Humanity-centred design
  • Technological advancements and new design propositions
  • Application of interdisciplinary knowledge to disruptive directions within Design

Students will engage in theoretical coursework that will be put into practice, tested and explored through an unconventional mix of workshops, seminars, specialised laboratories, and boot camps.

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