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Academic Master’s Programme and Double Award Master’s Programme in Service Design

Course Summary School: Domus Academy

Location: Italy,

Education: Diploma

The Academic Master’s Programme path consists of 4 modules (course + workshop) plus 1 module including a professional experience and a Final Workshop Project. The Double Award Master’s Programme path includes additional dedicated classes and a 6th module as Final Major Project.

New information and communication technologies are revolutionising the way services are offered and used, leading to constantly changing needs and desires, both in the public and private sectors. Service Design, applying an integrated and multidisciplinary approach, operates within this context and is tasked with dissecting and embracing social change in order to build solutions and experiences today that will meet the needs of a rapidly evolving tomorrow.

The Master in Service Design uses a cross-disciplinary approach, teaching prototyping skills, problem-solving and business design to help students develop innovative service ideas. Through field research and user obser vations, students will detect unmet user needs and develop compelling solutions to address them, gaining experience with the design of physical and digital systems, all while working in close contact with professionals, firms and public-sector organisations.

The programme is directed at candidates who have a first-level degree and/or professional experience in product design, visual and graphic design, interaction design, architecture and interior design. The programme is also open to candidates who hold a degree/diploma or have professional experience in communication science, psychology, sociology or equivalent disciplines if they are motivated by a strong interest to carry out research into the programme’s subject area.

After the completion of their master’s programme, students will get roles in design consultancies, corporations and service companies, as well as with NGO’s, government agencies and research institutions, or embark on a career as a consultants or entrepreneurs.

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