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Academic Master’s Programme and Double Award Master’s Programme in Visual Brand Design

Course Summary School: Domus Academy

Location: Italy,

Education: Diploma

The Academic Master’s Programme path consists of 4 modules (course + workshop) plus 1 module including a professional experience and a Final Workshop Project. The Double Award Master’s Programme path includes additional dedicated classes and a 6th module as Final Major Project.

Mixing creativity, graphic design and strategy, visionary branding starts with understanding the values of a company and culminates not just in the ability to convey meaningful stories, but takes the viewer to the edge and to the unexpected with an innovative, disruptive approach that combines an exciting visual representation and bespoke tone of voice, to build a memorable and lasting relationship with the public.

The Master in Visual Brand Design focuses on identifying the core values of a company and its future needs, to create communication strategies and promotional campaigns that will attract the attention of a specific audience. Students will be trained to pinpoint the identity of a given brand, cultivate a deep understanding of its products and services and master different marketing techniques and visual languages to apply to a project brief. This in order to design innovative and creative ways to engage with customers through physical, digital and social media channels.

The programme is directed at candidates who have a first-level degree and/or professional experience in visual and graphic design, multimedia studies, communication and marketing/brand management. The programme is also open to candidates with a background in design, economics, management, the humanities or equivalent fields. Furthermore, they must be willing to carry out in-depth research into the subject area and possess an impressive portfolio of applications.

This programme will teach students the culture and practices of branding processes and communication strategies, along with interdisciplinary skills to succeed in the international market. Students may choose to start their own business or consider a wide range of roles in visual design, art direction, brand strategy and advertising.

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